There’s always something fun to do in Ontonagon and the surrounding areas. Outdoor explorers will love hiking, snowshoeing, ATVing, easy access to trails for ATVing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and skiing to find waterfalls, vistas, and even the Northern Lights. There are also a number of local mines that provide guided tours, local shopping options, parks, and the Porcupine Mountains. Not sure where to start? Griswold would be happy to recommend his favorites.

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Porcupine Mountains & Lake of the Clouds


Embark on a captivating journey through Michigan's Porcupine Mountains—a pristine wilderness of ancient forests, a beautiful lake, cascading waterfalls, and towering peaks. Experience the vibrant hues of autumn and the tranquil beauty of winter.



The beautiful waterfalls of the Porcupine Mountains are a must-see attraction when you come to visit Griswold’s Lodge. With 15 falls to choose from, we are happy to provide you with a waterfall map and recommendations of our favorites. 

Local Shopping

ontonagon shopping

Thanks to our convenient location in downtown Ontonagon, we are located close to a number of local restaurants, bars, and, yes, shops. Explore the local stores for souvenirs and gifts to remind you of your Michigan vacation.

Konteka Restaurant


Black bears are notorious for being spotted in the UP. So why not see them while you're eating a delicious meal 25 minutes from Griswold's Lodge. Through a glass window, it seems like the bears are right next to you!

Caledonia Copper Mine

caledonia copper mine

This family-run business focuses on gems in their aboveground mine. Book your own ore pile and see what you can find! Located about 20 minutes from Griswold’s Lodge in Mass City.

Adventure Mining Company

Adventure Mining Company

A true underground adventure, you’ll feel like Indiana Jones rappelling down a mine shaft or just taking an easy walking tour. Located only 20 minutes from Griswold’s Lodge in Greenland.

There’s Always Something Fun to Do

With a convenient location near so many fun activities, Ontonagon is the ideal place for your Michigan getaway. Whether you’re traveling with your family, as a couple, or by yourself, you’ll never run out of fun activities and exciting adventures.